How to Remove Complex page Message from the Lexmark Printer?

Lexmark manufactures the best quality printers for the office and home purposes. People are buying these printers to get the superior quality print. Being a technical device it is obvious that it will create some problems. “The complex or the 39.xx errors” is one such problem that users mostly face. The problem is a result of the memory limits. You have the option to ignore the message and continue with your work but you we recommend you to resolve the problem so that the printer does not display it again. You can take these steps offered by “Lexmark Printer Support” Team to remove the cause of this error.

You should check your print command and see the print status to resolve the complication.

You should decrease the size of print job to reduce the amount of required memory. There are multiple methods to reduce the print job size. You can try one or all these solutions.

  • Delete some pages from the print jobs
  • Minimize the font size of the downloaded fonts
  • Check for unwanted styles and fonts and delete them from the print jobs
  • Delete some graphics from the file to reduce the load from the print job.
  1. Another way to resolve the problem is by installing additional memory into the printer device. You can download this memory from the official website of the Lexmark.
  2. For the users who have installed the hard drive option can use their hard drives as the additional memory.
  3. For this, you should configure the settings of Job Buffering to Auto. Once you have turned it on, the device will use the same drive to store the print jobs.

You are suggested not to format the hard drive because it will switch the settings to the earlier mode. You should feel free to contact us if you happen to face more problems with your device. You can Contact Lexmark Printer Support Number USA +1866-662-5999 to learn the solution from the specialists.




How Do I Set My Network Printer With The Lexmark Print Server?

You have found the correct article if you are want guidance for setting up your printer with the Lexmark server. We, at “Lexmark Printer Support” have tried to breakdown the process into some simple steps. There are two ways you can configure the settings; if your printer is attached to the computer or if it is not attached. This article will provide the steps if your network printer is attached to a computer with Windows XP or 2000. Follow the steps given below and setup your printer with the print servers.

Steps to setup a printer which is connected with the computer

  • Remove the USB Cable that connects your computer and printer
  • Insert the same cable into the print server and connect the printer and server instead of computer and printer
  • Press the start button and go to printer settings or choose the Printer and Faxes option
  • Then, press right click when you see the icon of Lexmark 810 Series
  • Select Properties and click on the tab for Ports
  • Type the port name of your Lexmark printer along with the Mac address which is printed on the bottom of your server.

Set the printer which is not attached to any computer

  • You are required to follow the instructions that you have received with the Lexmark printer
  • You are suggested not to insert the software CD till the last step
  • Take the USB cord and insert it into the printer device and the print server
  • After that, connect the power supply to both of them
  • Ensure that you have turned on the printer and the server as well
  • Use the Ethernet cable to attach the print server and the network
  • Finally, insert the software CD after doing all these activities.

Contact us for further help

These steps will surely guide you, but if you face any problem then Contact Lexmark Printer Technical Support Number USA 1866-662-5999. The experts available there will listen to you and provide the exact solution. Dial our helpline number or send an email we promise to provide instant assistance.

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