How to fix Lexmark printer broken pipe error?

Lexmark printers not only provide the refine printing quality but also save the time of the users. It performs its task completely and hence provides its users a better printing experience. It has proved itself by giving the best performance. But there are chances when it can face some problems besides the several features. The broken pipe error is one of the problems that printers can face. Users might be frightened to receive the broken pipe error, but this blog will help you to resolve your error. If you do not get the solution here, you can directly contact lexmark customer support number +1-866-662-5999 Toll-Free. Our team members will help you surely.

When you are trying to print your document and your printer stops suddenly. It does not happen regularly but it can be happen and you should know how to deal with the situation then. Broken pipe error: unable to print can be faced by your printer. It can be caused due to network issues and maybe there are other reasons. So, the fact of discussion is that how to deal with this error. In order to remove your error we are giving some helpful suggestion that you can try at yourself.

Follow these steps to remove your error:

You have to reset your printer. For the re-setting of your printing system you need to apply the following steps:

  • You have to go to the option of system and preferences, and open it. Select the “print and faxes.” Then right click on the blank space around the list of printers. Now, you will get a pop menu and also the option to “reset the printer.” As you select this option your printing system will definitely go to the default settings.
  • Command your computer as reboot. Once your computer will restart, you will be ready for the next step.
  • Again you have to go to the “system and preferences” and open it. Select the “print and faxes” and add your printer again.

We think these steps will be helpful to you. But, if the error message still persists, you may connect with lexmark printer contact number USA +1-866-662-5999 Toll-Free. We provide 24 X 7 hours assistance to our users. We believe in better customer relationship and hence we are ready to help them anytime. We have an excellent team of certified professionals. Give us a chance to meet your requirement. We shall be happy to attend you.


How to Remove Error Code 1102 from Lexmark Printers?

Error 1102 is one of the technical errors arising in the Lexmark printers. The method of eliminating this error is not complicated. You have to follow some easy steps to remove it from your device. This error emerges when you install the unsupported ink cartridges. The printer unexpectedly stops printing, and you sit helplessly.

The present blog will help you remove this error from your printer. The error primarily arises in Lexmark All-in-one printers. You can call on the Lexmark Printer Support USA 1866-662-5999 and chat with our technicians. They will listen to your distress and prescribe effective solutions. Take the following steps to eradicate the above error from your Lexmark printer.

Switch off the All-in-one printer device.

  • You will be required to turn off the printer and take out the power cords from the electric outlet.
  • You should wait for 40 minutes before reinserting the power cables.
  • Press the power button to start the device.

You can try to reinsert the ink cartridges

  • Take out the cartridges from the device and close the lids
  • Switch off the printer and remove the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Wait for a while and reinsert the power cord to the electric outlet.
  • Hold the power button on the device to start it.
  • Insert the cartridges back into their place and restart the printing process.

Insert new Black Cartridges

  • Take the above steps to reinsert the black ink cartridges.
  • You will have to install new cartridges if the present ones do not work

You can try any of the above solutions to remove the technical errors caused by the cartridge faults. In case you cannot eliminate these errors with these solutions, then you can Dial Lexmark Customer Support Number 1866-662-5999. We are supplying the customer services for a long time. You can contact us whenever you encounter this or any other error while using the Lexmark printer.