What are Lexmark printer support services?

Lexmark printers are one of the printers which provide the best and high-quality printing at affordable prices for the home network and as well as for the corporate networks also. Lexmark printers encompass affordable inkjet printers, advanced laser printers, and integrated printers. But yet these printers can face some issues. So, the users may face trouble while fixing them. Sometimes, these issues need technical assistance so that the users can’t find them able to do so. In order to provide the support to customers, Lexmark printer support services work. We provide solutions to each and every problem of printers. We try to provide the best solutions to the printer error codes and also suggest useful steps for maintenance of printer. We provide affordable services to the users.   So whenever people need assistance related to the printers they can connect with Lexmark customer support Number 1866-662-5999.

Issues that we deal with are as follows:

  • We support for installation of the printer.
  • Printer configuration settings.
  • Reinstallation of printer.
  • Upgradation of printer.
  • Slow printing and paper jamming issues.
  • Printer troubleshooting error.
  • Printer compatibility issues.
  • Help for connecting printer with two or more computers.
  • Network connectivity issues of the printer.
  • Wireless printers issue.

How to avail of our services?

We have told you the areas on which work. But now we are providing the details for connecting with us. Our toll-free number calls Lexmark Support Phone Number. Customers can connect with us via calls, messages or web chat.  We provide services 24*7 hours. Our team works consistently to provide the best services to the customers. We have experts who help the customers meticulously. You can avail our services every now and then. We are dedicated to building good experience with the customers. We shall be happy to serve you .Give us an opportunity to serve you. We shall be delighted. We assure you the guaranteed solution and secured answer to your query.

How to select custom size page in Lexmark Printers?

The incorrectly create custom paper results in various printing problems, such as the notification of error messages. There is a specific method to create the custom size paper and to select it from the application. You can make these settings from the printer driver as well as the application. You can try the steps explained here, or talk to our support team at the “Lexmark Customer Support Number. We have explained both procedures, you can try either, or both of them to select the custom size paper on your printer.

Perform this action to select the custom size form on your Lexmark printer

Move to the control panel and click on the Device and Printers from the list. Select the option Printer and scanners from the next screen. You will then find a tab named Default Driver Icon. Right-click on the print queue from this list, and choose the Printing Preferences tab. Next, you would be required to find the tab named Paper/Finishing. You will then have to choose Manage Custom Sizes. Click New after this, and enter the Name and Dimensions and save. Save the new name and page size. Open the tab for paper size and click on the option newly created page size. Choose your paper type and finally click on apply to save the changes.

Try these steps to select it from the application

You will have to open the application. Move to the file options and select the page setup. You will then have to choose the tab for paper and locate the option of Form Name.

Contact us to learn more solutions

We have explained the method to set the custom size paper in the Lexmark printers. You can talk to us at the Lexmark Printer Support USA, +1-866-662-5999  in case you could not properly execute these steps, or desire to learn more ways and configure your Lexmark printer.

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