How to Download or Update the Lexmark printer software?

Any mechanical device whether it is printer or computer, do not work without the software or firmware. It is important for the users to install the correct software that is suitable according to their printer product model and version. It is most important to find the appropriate software for your printer. Below we have explained the method to check download and to update the printer firmware. You can try these measures or dial us at the “Lexmark Printer helpline Number USA” 1866-662-5999. We will instantly respond to your call and explain the troubleshooting measures in straightforward steps.

Find out the printer software with these steps

Open your browser firstly and type the IP address. Choose the Reports option and select the click on the Device Information. The system will then display the supported printer driver

Here is the process to download the firmware

You will be required to log in to the official Lexmark website. You will then have to type your product model in the search field and click on the submit option. You must select the operating system form the top of the screen. Choose your firmware from the list of options and click to on the Download icon.

Updating the printer software has become easy

The process to update the firmware is not complicated. You can update your current software from the Lexmark website, Microsoft store, or from the manufacturers. You have all these options to update your printer software to the recent version.

Dial us for professional assistance

You can also connect with us if you face complications updating the driver. We have provided the Lexmark Customer Support Number 1866-662-5999. You just have to pick your phone and call us. We will answer with positive intentions and help you with your distress.

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